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Power Restoration

24/7 Restoration Information
Using new technology, Oncor's interactive stormcenter map keeps you informed about known issues in your neighborhood. The tool provides real-time information 24/7 allowing you to:
  • Search by city, county or zip code
  • See how many customers in your area are affected
  • Understand the cause of an outage (when possible)
  • Get information about estimated restoration times (if known) to help plan
When an outage occurs, our top priority is to restore power quickly and safely. Oncor immediately mobilizes all available crews and equipment, and will ask for assistance from other utilities in our Mutual Assistance Program if necessary. While Oncor's efforts have been effective, we continuously review this work and seek ways to improve your experience by being as responsive and successful as possible.
Oncor takes several steps to restore power after a large storm, doing our best to ensure crews arrive at the hardest hit areas first. We dispatch crews to the affected areas to assess damage prior to committing them to specific neighborhoods and cities. If you see Oncor trucks drive through your neighborhood without stopping, it's all part of this evaluation process.
As crews move through neighborhoods making repairs and restoring power, some homes and businesses may have service before others. If your neighbor's power is restored before yours, you may be on a different circuit (see F, diagram below). Avoid running extension cords from your neighbor's house to get electricity. This is dangerous and could damage equipment and your home.
For more information about outages, visit Ask Oncor.

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