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Community Services

In addition to our fleet of hybrid-powered bucket trucks, Oncor is involved in other good neighbor projects that benefit Texas.

Waste Management

The Oncor Waste Management team recycles and rehabilitates nearly every piece of equipment the company uses. Everything from aerosol cans to transformers, wooden poles and pallets, passes through the group's Environment System Operating Services Facility (SOSF), with crews working to recycle, refurbish or reuse most of what comes into SOSF. Oncor also recycles millions of pounds of waste annually.
In 2011, the amount of material recycled by the Oncor Waste Management team, including scrap metal, totaled 25, 613,315 lbs.

Providing Aid to Other Utilities

While the safety and reliability of our own electric grid is the company’s top priority, Oncor also belongs to the Mutual Assistance Partner Utilities, a national group of utility companies that help fellow utilities in times of need. For example, during a hurricane, once Oncor regions are secure, we send crews to other hard-hit areas to help restore power. Likewise, other utilities have pledged to help Oncor restore power when needed.

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