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Advanced Meters


​Transforming Electric Service
As our digital, 21st century world continues to evolve, so does the need
for investment in new technologies and equipment to enhance and transform the electric grid – making it smarter, greener, more efficient and more reliable.
Advanced meters, often called “smart meters,” modernize electric service by replacing 50-year-old meter technology with state-of-the art digital meters. These new advanced meters empower customers to rethink their energy use, use the information to save money on their electric bills and reduce their impact on the environment. Advanced meters also help utilities improve service reliability by providing real time information that can be used to identify and, in many cases, resolve issues before a service disruption occurs. Finally, these meters provide retail electric providers in ERCOT a platform to offer innovative rate plans to interested consumers. 

Prior to receiving advanced meters, customers typically did not know how much electricity they had used until they received a monthly bill – when it was too late to make any adjustments.

Now, customers can know how much they are using at any point in time, and can effectively manage their energy consumption.


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