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Advanced Metering

Smart Meter

​What is AMS? An Overview of the Advanced Metering System

Moving from a “meter-reader” model to an electronic model has saved Oncor over 2.9 Million gallons of fuel and eliminated more than 12,000 28,500 tons of vehicle-related carbon dioxide emissions since 2009.

Advanced metering system
These digital solid-state meters will record electric consumption in 15 minute intervals. Consumers will be able to receive real-time feedback through “in-home display” devices that receive usage information directly from the meter, and bring it into the home or workplace. Customers will be informed and empowered to alter their consumption patterns and take advantage of off-peak rates.
Global experience suggests that such information is a key factor in changing overall consumption…and creating new innovations and applications to reduce emissions and carbon footprint.
In addition to recording data, each meter is also a communication device transmits the recorded data back to a centralized data depository. This new technology will eliminate the need to send a person to read and record data on a monthly basis.

Electro-mechanical meter
Elihu Thomson invented the original electro-mechanical meter in 1888. Since then, the basic operating principal of counting the revolutions of an aluminum disc, which is made to rotate at a speed proportional to the power has not changed.
Meter data is read and recorded manually on a monthly basis. Consumer usage information is typically limited to monthly bill.

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