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Electric Vehicles

​​​​​​​Electric Vehicles (EVs) make sense for many reasons and help add up to a better Texas.

Environmental benefits. Emissions for EVs are significantly less than those produced by traditional vehicles, even after factoring in power generation emissions.
Energy independence. Electricity is provided locally with domestic energy sources, reducing dependence on foreign oil.
Economic benefits. Electricity is produced with a diverse mix of renewable and fossil fuels, which help reduce price volatility. The cost to operate an EV is around 3 cents per mile compared to 10 cents per mile for a traditional vehicle, based on 10 cents/kWh electricity and $2.50/gallon gasoline.
Personal benefits. You can fuel up in your garage by plugging in to a standard 120v power outlet. And EVs are responsive and fun to drive.

Watch this video to learn how EVs can help transform Texas’ transportation future.

Available natural resources.
Our state has the right kind of natural resources to power EVs, making them more user-friendly.
  • Abundant wind power. Texas has more than 15,000 megawatts of wind generation capacity that can deliver enough clean power to fuel more than 7.5 million Texas EVs. By bringing more wind power to the electric grid, our Competitive Renewable Energy Zone (CREZ) projects can help facilitate cleaner electric vehicle charging.
  • Robust power infrastructure. Oncor led Texas' construction of 2,300 miles of new transmission lines to bring even more clean and renewable power to the state's population centers. And our power grid is designed to keep millions of AC units going on 100+ degree summer days, so it can handle the added load of electric vehicles — no sweat!


Advanced metering. Oncor installed more than 3.2 million advanced meters by 2013, giving customers more information and control over their power consumption. These meters also allow Retail Electric Providers (REPs) to offer EV-friendly time of use rate plans for lower-cost overnight charging.

What if I purchase an electric vehicle?

Contact your REP and ask them about EV-friendly rate plans. Please call Oncor at 888.313.6862 or visit www.askoncor.com to let us know you’ve purchased an EV. Oncor will check the power lines and equipment serving your house and make any necessary adjustments to help ensure continued safe and reliable electric service to your home. There is no charge for the system assessment.

How can I maximize the benefits of an EV?
  • Charge your vehicle overnight when clean, renewable wind power is most abundant.
  • Charge your EV before noon and after 8 p.m. to help maximize the efficiency and reliability of the power system.

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