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Why Go Hybrid?

Why Go Hybrid?
In the early 2000s, Oncor began testing hybrid-powered bucket trucks in the field. They have made such an impact that Oncor is passing along discovered benefits in case you are considering a hybrid vehicle of your own.

Improved fuel savings. A hybrid-powered bucket truck saves up to 60 percent on fuel, only one third of which comes from driving. The rest of the savings occur at the work site as the hybrid system operates the bucket or aerial device of the truck in battery mode. With a non-hybrid truck, the main engine has to continue to idle to provide bucket power, which uses significantly more fuel.

Reduced emissions. Hybrid vehicles leave smaller carbon footprints. Like other hybrid vehicles, hybrid-powered bucket trucks provide reduced emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx), particulate matter (PM) and carbon dioxide (CO2). These emissions are by-products of driving and are considered very bad for the environment. The hybrid-powered bucket truck emits less of these while driving, making it better for the environment and Texas air.

Less noise. While idling, a normal bucket truck can be very loud, as the main engine is used to power the bucket. Because the hybrid-powered bucket truck uses a battery mode to operate at the job site, it is much quieter—a definite plus when working late at night on neighborhood streets.

Reduced maintenance. Hybrid-powered bucket trucks typically require less maintenance. These vehicles have smaller engines because they rely heavily on battery power and use less diesel fuel. The reduction in fuel consumption and the reduction in idle time for the engine extends the time between necessary maintenance.

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