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Soy Oncor Meet the Ambassadors

The Soy Oncor Ambassadors are a dedicated group of employees working to mentor students in the Oncor service territory. Read about why they think it is important to volunteer their time to promote education in our local schools. 

Director of Southeast Region Distribution Operations Tony Flores
 Midlothian, T X 
“I would love to give back to the Hispanic community. I would also love to help students in the community to see that they have vast options for their future. I was fortunate to have parents that shared that vision with me. I also want the community to see that Oncor has employees that value their heritage and background, as well as give back to the local community.”

Director of Transmission Rafael Garcia
Fort Worth, TX
“I feel fortunate to have been given a chance to work for this great organization, and it wouldn’t have happened if Oncor had not reached out to recruit minorities. This is my opportunity to encourage young Hispanics to pursue higher education and allow them to recognize they have what it takes to do well in life and, at the same time, make them aware of what Oncor has to offer by serving as an example.”

 Engineer Oscar Lopez
Fort Worth, TX 
”I believe this is a great opportunity for me to represent Oncor in our Latino Community. Also, being part of this program will help me illustrate the importance of education to our young and fast-growing community.”
Customer Operations Executive Associate Holly Maldonado
Fort Worth, TX
“There are so many young Latinos in our community that do not have a positive role model in their life, and if they do, most of the times they still have unanswered questions. I want to be that role model who can help answer questions and show them that with hard work and determination opportunities are endless."

Engineer Sergio Molina
Fort Worth, TX
“I would like to promote education as a path to success within the Latino community. I want to be an example of how Latinos can contribute to our society and how Oncor supports and promotes such visions.  I will be honored to help guide the next generation of leaders who will oversee the companies and cities we work and live in.”

Manager, Market Performance, Maria Martinez
Dallas, TX
“Our company understands the importance of being engaged with our diverse communities. By becoming an employee ambassador in the Soy Oncor  program, I can support the company’s initiative to be an active part of the communities and a trusted advisor. On a personal note, this program would allow me the opportunity to give back to the community by talking to Hispanic youth and encouraging them to live their dreams.”

Engineer Armando Perez
Arlington, TX
“I want to be an employee ambassador in the Soy Oncor program because I would like to represent Oncor outside of a work setting. I would like to take advantage of the opportunity to advocate the Soy Oncor program in hope of having a positive impact in the Hispanic community."

Customer Operations Consultant Gracie Rios
Fort Worth, TX
Being a part of this exciting program will allow me the opportunity to give back to the Hispanic community and encourage young Hispanics to pursue higher education and values. I value the Latino culture; its rich Spanish language, strong family values and more importantly the passion of making a difference in our communities.

Senior Utility Designer David Solis
 Irving, TX
“I would like to be a Soy Oncor  Ambassador to encourage and help young Latinos and young students to follow their dreams, pursue a higher education, take advantage of all the opportunities that may come their way and stay in school for a better future.”

Engineer Daniel Valdez
Fort Worth, TX
“I believe that the Hispanic community needs leaders and role models to continue growing in this area of Texas. One of the biggest concerns I have is the number of Hispanics that do not get to college or even graduate from high school. I want to be an ambassador to motivate the young students to be the next generation of leaders.”

Engineer Ivan Velasquez
Austin TX
“I can personally relate to the need for encouragement and counseling during the formative middle school and high school years. By volunteering my time and effort, I hope to help lead young students to understand the doors that education can open and convince them to pursue a career and a better life.”

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