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Restoration Process

Restoration Process

​Our restoration philosophy – to safely and quickly restore power to the greatest number of customers – helps us determine where to go and what to repair first.

Here’s how the prioritization process typically works:

  1. Transmission line power outages affect thousands of customers since these high-voltage lines deliver electricity to entire neighborhoods and businesses. Because the loss of a transmission line affects so many, this type of restoration often has the highest priority.
  2. Public and critical care facilities, such as hospitals and fire stations, are also top priority since they impact lives and first responders.
  3. Our next priority would be outages on the system that deliver power to homes and businesses affecting several hundred consumers. 
  4. In emergencies, power outages at single residences or businesses would follow all of the above in priority.


For those who have a critical medical need for electricity, link here for more information

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