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My Oncor Alerts

My Oncor Alerts


Get the notifications you want, when you want them, and how you want them with My Oncor Alerts. Flexible and convenient, you can receive personalized outage notifications and updates via email, text message or voice alert.


My Oncor Alerts helps you stay informed by notifying you of a power outage at your address and by providing status reports when there is a change such as a new estimated restoration time or when power has been restored to your area.    You will also receive updates​ on certain service requests. ​ 

Now, you can:

  • Choose to receive updates via text, email, phone calls, or a combination of all three channels
  • Set a particular time frame when you do not want to be disturbed, disabling notifications during that time
  • Enter preferences for multiple accounts
  • Continue to report an outage by texting OUT to 66267

Do you have more questions? Click here to read our FAQs.  Click here to read our Terms and Conditions.​

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