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Meter Tampering: Illegal and Dangerous

Meter Tampering: Illegal and Dangerous

Electricity theft is more than just a crime; it’s also a safety issue. Many times those involved are tampering with the metering equipment and energized electrical wires, resulting in dangerous situations that could cause fires and put everyone at risk.

At Oncor, we are concerned about the safety of all of our customers, including those engaging in the dangerous activity of stealing electricity. No amount of savings is worth risking injury to yourself or others or death.




Meter Tampering Investigation
1616 Woodall Rodgers Fwy., # 2M 012
Dallas, TX 75202

In order to investigate a suspected electricity theft, we need the following information: the street address, including the city/town, or directions to the location.

If you believe the situation presents an immediate danger, please call Oncor immediately at 888.313.6862.
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