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Lifetime of Safety: Put a Freeze on Winter Safety Hazards


​The weather in Texas can change unexpectedly, and as the last month of winter rolls in, it’s important to be prepared for cold temperatures. Portable space heaters, electric blankets and heating pads are all great for keeping you comfortable, but they can potentially be very dangerous if proper electrical safety is not followed.

Stay Safe with These Winter Electrical Safety Tips

  • If installing a new heater, read all information labels, follow all safety precautions and verify the electrical supply wires are rated high enough for the electrical demand of the heater.
  • When purchasing a space heater, always choose a model that has been tested at an accredited safety laboratory and that has a guard in front of the heating device to keep people from touching the hot surface. 
  •  Keep all flammable objects, including drapes, bedding, cords and newspapers, away from your portable space heater.
  • Plug portable space heaters directly into the outlet – never use an extension cord or adapter.
  •  Never fall asleep with a heating pad or space heater on, as this could cause the heaters to overheat and possibly cause a fire.
  •  Put heaters in places where people won’t trip on them, and never run cords under rugs or carpets where they can overheat. 
  •  Do not use heaters in wet or damp areas such as bathrooms unless the unit is specifically designed and rated for use in such environments.
  • Do not put a space heater in a room where children are unsupervised, as they may stick their fingers or other objects into the heater.
  •  Turn off and unplug the portable space heater when not in use, and never leave a space heater on when you are not home. 
  •  If you use an electric blanket, be sure to leave the electric blanket un-tucked and on top of the bed. Tucking in an electric blanket or weighing it down with other heavy blankets could cause it to overheat and result in an electrical hazard.
  • Always turn off and unplug an electric blanket when not in use. 
  •  If you wash your electric blanket, make sure it is completely dry before you turn it on again.

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