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Land Developers

Land Developers

​When beginning a land development project, commercial and residential developers must work with an Oncor project manager for electric infrastructure design and construction. Think of these experts as a local resource, as they can help guide the process and ensure all safety requirements are met.

Project managers are your point of contact for:

  • Determining financial participation
  • Estimating load profiles
  • Determining temporary service requirements
  • Locating existing facilities
  • Design and construction of permanent facilities
  • Joint trench construction opportunities
  • Coordinating project schedules
  • Conducting final walk-through

To begin a land development project, please contact Vickie Coe at She’ll put you in touch with a local project manager based on your project’s geographic territory.

If you have developments in different sections of the Dallas Metroplex and/or in non-metro areas, you may work with more than one project manager.

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