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Joint Use Management

If you need immediate assistance with an Oncor power space facility, please call our 24-hour call center at 1.800.666.2614. Please share this number with your field personnel and contractors working in Oncor service areas.

As an agent for the electric rate payers in Texas, Oncor must protect its assets while balancing the risks of allowing communications attachments on its poles. The goal of the Joint Use Management Group is to provide consistency so that all parties are held accountable for actions that might negatively impact the safety and reliability our electric distribution system, are treated fairly and equitably and are assigned appropriate costs for make ready.

We are responsible for the  management, design, construction, regulatory, legal and contractual oversight of all 3rd party communications and power space attachments on Oncor poles.  To show the magnitude of this effort, we currently have 193 license agreements with various telecommunication companies, ISD’s, universities, cities, municipalities, counties, government agencies and private parties. This represents approximately 1.4 million contacts on 1.9 million Oncor poles and 270,000 ILEC joint use poles

This link to the Electric Service Guidelines provides information and requirements related to delivery of electric service. Section 100.04.02 and Section 500.04 topics are specific to Joint Use Management.

If you wish to discuss Joint Trench Construction opportunities or have questions concerning the process, contact any Oncor New Construction Manager (NCM). If you are unsure who to contact in NCM, please contact Vickie Coe at vickie.coe@oncor.com and she will assist you.

Key Contacts:

Joint Use Manager
Karen Flewharty
115 W. 7th Street, Suite 211
Ft. Worth, TX 76102

Joint Use Design & Construction Program Manager
Rex Stewart
115 W. 7th Street, Suite 211
Ft. Worth, TX 76102

Joint Use Contracts & Rental Program Manager
Alan Quam
115 W. 7th Street, Suite 211
Ft. Worth, TX 76102 

Pole Attachment Permit Applications and Map Requests
Ramon Flores, Joint Use Program Manager
TRC Solutions, Inc.​​
700 Highlander Blvd, Suite 210
Arlington, TX 76015 



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