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Solar Photovoltaic Program
The Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Program is designed to use solar power to help meet your energy needs. Oncor can help you find service providers and provide incentives to help offset initial costs.

These steps will get you started in the program:

  • Work with your service provider to find the best system for you and your property. 
  • Have your service provider complete an application and submit the project to Oncor for review. Construction cannot begin until the project is approved. Oncor will review the application and let your service provider know if the project is approved. If approved Oncor will reserve your incentive and the Provider can then start construction.
  • Once your system is built, your service provider will submit the final requirements to Oncor. If your system meets all of the requirements, Oncor will send your service provider an incentive check.

Projects will be subject to an onsite inspection before being released.

The service provider you select must be enrolled in the program.  Service providers can be:

  • General energy efficiency service providers
  • Retail Electric Providers (REPs)
  • Contractors
  • Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)

Oncor is not part of the agreement between you and the service provider. The service provider is solely responsible for their work. If you are interested in becoming a service provider, click www.oncoreepm.com

Eligibility Requirements

Any residential, commercial or government customer served by an Oncor meter is eligible to participate.

What criteria should my system meet?

Solar PV systems must meet the following:

  • Be a new grid-connected solar PV system 
  • Meet Oncor interconnection and Solar PV Program requirements
  • Meet a minimum estimated performance threshold. Systems with excessive shading or undesirable solar panel orientation will not qualify for an incentive.
  • New construction projects are NOT eligible (Commercial or Residential)

What incentives are available?
Incentives are calculated by your selected service provider based on the installed solar PV system. Each project is unique, incentives and savings may vary.

Maximum system installation:
  • Commercial  - 150 kW DC
  • Residential - 15 kW DC

Where can I find more information?
Click here to find a service provider. 

Who do I contact for questions?

For more information on the Solar PV Program, please contact:

Jeff Reed -  jeff.reed@oncor.com or Cary Betts - cary.betts@oncor.com

Additional information on this and other Oncor Energy Efficiency programs can be found at www.takealoadofftexas.com.

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