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Determining the Need for New Lines – A Joint Effort

Our state’s transmission grid is a critical component of the reliable and safe delivery of electricity from power generation facilities to consumers. The transmission network consists of multiple pathways to transfer electricity over long distances. Who helps manage the grid and decide when we need new transmissions lines? 

ERCOT. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas is responsible for the overall management and operation of a large portion of the transmission grid. ERCOT works collaboratively with transmission and distribution delivery companies, such as Oncor, to determine growth and operational needs along the lines based on new generators, new consumers, increase in demand, and the safe and reliable operation of the grid as a whole. ERCOT is governed by a board of directors who review and endorse projects. 

Oncor and other utilities. Like other electric delivery companies, we have an internal planning team that assesses what we need to support our own reliable system through continuous review of the transmission grid.


The Public Utility Commission of Texas is responsible for regulation of the state's electric, telecommunication, and water and sewer utilities, through the implementation of legislation, promulgation of rules and procedures, and the offer of customer assistance in resolving consumer complaints. The Commission's mission statement includes the protection of customers, the advancement of competition, and the promotion of high quality infrastructure. Reviewing and approving requests for authorization to construct new transmission facilities is a significant charge in the Commission's duties.


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