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Determining Right-of-Way

Determining Right-of-Way

Before constructing a new transmission line or facility, we work with landowners to acquire rights for access, commonly known as easements. With an easement, a landowner continues to own and use the property in a manner that does not interfere with Oncor facilities, and Oncor has the right to use the land for construction, operation and maintenance. Some finer points:

Survey permission. When a transmission line crosses a landowner’s property, one of our representatives will meet with the property owner and survey the area to decide where the structure will be located and locate the proposed centerline of the right of way.

Compensation. Oncor negotiates fair and appropriate compensation with impacted landowners on an individual basis. We discuss the value of the easement and make every effort to reach a fair and reasonable settlement.

Construction and operation. Oncor representatives are available during and after construction to address questions, concerns or problems that landowners may have.

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