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Digging Safety

Digging Safety

Just one simple call to 811 before digging can keep you and your family from harm. Because some electric lines are located underground, it’s essential to check the "Call Before You Dig" hotline whenever digging 16 inches or deeper. Representatives can tell you where lines are located and how to avoid hitting them during construction, yard work or planting.

In fact, state law requires you to call 811 at least 48 hours in advance of digging to request service wires be located. Digging without calling can lead to severe consequences including harm to you or others, costly damages to underground infrastructure and utility service disruptions.

Be sure co-workers, landscapers, construction employees, gardeners and others who dig at your work or home know to call 811 before digging. The calls will be directed through a local call center to any affected utilities, including Oncor, which will then mark underground lines for free.

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